A professional association of buyers and purchasing managers.
Thursday April 24th, 2014

The American Purchasing Society is a professional association of buyers and purchasing managers and was the first organization to establish certification for buyers and purchasing professionals.
Join thousands of buyers, purchasing management, and other procurement professionals who are members. Obtain the benefits of up-to-date information about the purchasing profession, and get purchasing training from highly qualified instructors.  Earn professional purchasing certification.
Join those who have improved their careers by earning the American Purchasing Society's purchasing certification recognition. Become a Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), a Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM), a Certified Green Purchasing Professional (CGPP) and/or a Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant (CPPC) today. Click on our certification links to find out more! Join thousands of others who have improved their buying and purchasing management skills by receiving training from the American Purchasing Society.
Seminars, Courses, Workshops, Degree Programs & Conferences
Purchasing Education - Receive education in purchasing by participating in purchasing courses designed for Buyers and Purchasing Management.
Through purchasing training from the American Purchasing Society you will improve your ability to manage purchases and negotiate purchases.
The American Purchasing Society offers numerous online purchasing courses, available to be taken at your convenience. In addition to improving your purchasing knowledge, many of these courses also count as credit toward the Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM), and Certified Professional Purchasing Consultant (CPPC) certification programs.
Learn about managing quality and managing inventory. Take the Society's online courses to learn about Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Inventory Management. Visit our Courses & Seminars area to learn more about these courses and about the many purchasing courses offered through the American Purchasing Society.
Benefits of Membership
The American Purchasing Society is dedicated to the advancement of the purchasing profession and purchasing management.

If your job is in purchasing, you owe it to yourself and your company to belong to the American Purchasing Society. Receive all of the benefits described on our Member Benefits Page and belong to the best professional association for purchasing and purchasing management.

  • As a member, you become more confident of your abilities because you are kept informed about the latest information concerning the purchasing profession.
  • You learn how to solve purchasing management problems that every business has. You prepare yourself and your company for the future.
  • You obtain the benefits of membership in a professional organization and improve your chances for advancement.
  • You support efforts to improve the stature of the purchasing profession through a dedicated organization.
More information about member benefits can be found on our Member Benefits Page.
Certification Programs
The American Purchasing Society was the first organization to establish a nationally recognized certification for purchasing professionals. An APS survey indicates that those with the Society's certified purchasing professional award receive higher salaries than those without certification. Become a certified buyer or certified professional purchasing manager. Learn the details about the Soicety's certification programs, CPP, CPPM, CGPP, CPPC by clicking here.

the question
As a buyer for business, how often do you ask suppliers for details about their costs and profit percentage?
10% of the time or less.
11% to 25% of the time.
26% to 50% of the time.
More than 50% of the time.

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