If you are a buyer or purchasing manager for business, which of the following ways do you buy MRO items (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies)?

Buy only when immediately needed.
Buy expected amount needed for a month or two.
Buy amount depending on cost and price breaks.
Allow suppliers to estimate our needs and buy and store that amount.
Have supplier store amount for us that we use in a reasonable time.
Store amount by item category depending on cost and usage.

The Advantages of Purchasing Paperwork Reduction

Date: 06/14/2017

Many of the time consuming chores of good purchasing practices can be improved by smart use of the computer. Transactions can be sped up, many errors eliminated, and labor cost reduced. A computer program to generate purchase orders provides these advantages, but proper buying still requires human interaction. The computer program will not negotiate the best deal. Neither will it insert every terms and condition required for a particular purchase. A good program allows the inter action with the buyer who must decide which clauses to insert in the PO and which clauses to not include. Automation will not replace the human element in buying.

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Balasubramani M - Jun 15 2017 12:00 AM

The use technology is suitable for repetitive items especially MRO category ones and raw materials where the terms and conditions, prices are fixed for a period.Automation will free buyer from data entry and can concentrate on cost reduction,vendor consolidation and supply chain short comings.