To what extent have the recent storms in Houston and Florida changed the delivery time for the items you buy?

No change.
Less than a week.
One to two weeks.
More than two weeks.


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Today's Tips

Personal Job Descriptions Are Important - 09/01/2017
It is valuable to have a well thought out written job description for yourself as well as your employees. It avoids any misunderstanding about what the person is responsible for and what is not part of the normal duties required by the job. A good...

Buyers Are Well-Suited To Lead Business Teams - 07/01/2017
The Steve Jobs quote at the bottom of this page is worth paying close attention to. Expanding on that thought is the fact that teams need a leader to set objectives, get everybody to work together amiably, and set the agenda. Buyers and purchasing ma...

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Supplier Awards

Excellent Supplier Award 2012
The winners of the American Purchasing SocietyĆ­s 2012 Excellent Supplier Awards are W. W. Grainger and Martin Brother, Inc.. Grainger is a seven billion dollar national distribution company of MRO products with 20,000 employees. Its corporate offices are in Lakeforest, Illinois. Martin Brothers, Inc. is a regional foodservice distributing company with its operation center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Nearly all of the American Purchasing Society members who responded to the Society's survey indicated good pricing, and excellent quality and service from these suppliers.

Excellent Supplier Award 2009
The winners of the American Purchasing SocietyĆ­s 2009 Excellent Supplier Awards are Source International, Inc. and CGI Automated Manufacturing, Inc.. CGI is a producer of sheet metal fabrication, prototyping, and assembly services. CGI was nominated for the award by Tricia Kerns, Material Manager for Focal Point, LLC. Source International acts as a buyer's agent in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Thailand. The company was nominated by Michael Bunge, CPP, CPPM, Corporate Supply Chain Manager for Libbey, Inc.

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