As a buyer for business, on the average of your top five suppliers, click on which one of the four choices below do you use to qualify those suppliers?

Evaluate supplier's financial statments and visit facilities.
Meet supplier's top executives and sales people in person.
Friendly with phone order clerk and read quality & on time delivery report.
None of the above.

The American Purchasing Society offers a variety of tools and services to its members. With the help of purchasing partners and sponsors, APS offers online courses and career assistance that will help you become a trusted purchasing professional.

  • American Certification Institute

    The American Certification Institute is a premier professional certification institute well-known in the United States and the world. It was founded in the USA in 1999. Its Corporate Headquarters is in Lewes , Delaware , USA and its Far Eastern Branch Office is in Beijing , PRC. The American Certification Institute is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification. The American Certification Institute provides training, testing, and certification issuance for a number of important business-related programs, and does training for certifications issued by the Global Negotiation Institute and other professional institutes in the United States.

  • Berkeley Consulting

    Dear Reader:
    Greetings from Berkeley ! As we see the transformation of our beautiful country being positioned as the center of learning in the GCC, we are geared and focused on
    bringing in International Educational Partners, Consultants and Trainers from the Industry.
    We focus in the areas of: Management Consultancy, Training and Development, Headhunting
    Our programs cover areas in Business Management, Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management to Arts and Technology
    Creating stakeholder value is what we strive for and look forward to being your partner in progress
    Berkeley Consulting
    “Opening the Doors to your Future”

  • Aviation Week

    Aviation Week presents the Integrated Asset Management and Inventory Solutions Forum. September 28 & 29 at Hyatt Regency DFW, DFW Airport, TX. With the total value of the MRO supply chain at $44B or $2.6M per aircraft, optimized inventory management is a major opportunity for the operator to reduce costs and a tremendous growth opportunity for the MRO. More MROs are expanding the scope of their services to support outsourced component management in response to operators looking to offload inventory. This move towards total support services, coupled with decentralizing offshoring trends, is changing the MRO supply chain structure and demanding a higher level of supply chain coordination. This forum will bring together thought leaders from operators, suppliers and MRO to uncover the strategies that will reduce inventory investments while maximize growth and service.

  • Blue Ocean Academy

    Blue Ocean is an internationally reputed brand for management training and consultancy. With offices in the UK, UAE and India, Blue Ocean Management Training & Consultancy has blazed a trail of success in the last decade. Its diverse portfolio of unique industry-specific training solutions has highlighted its image one of the most trusted names in the world of corporate training. Our success story has further been strengthened by affiliations with some of the most prestigious and internationally reputed professional training institutions. In the last year Griggs University, USA, Halifax College, London, American Institute of Business Management and American Purchasing Society, USA, have joined hands with Blue Ocean to offer students certification.

  • Confluent Forms LLC

    The RFP Database (RFPdb) found at is a B2B marketplace and exchange service for Requests for Proposals enabling organizations (non-profit, corporate, government) to announce their competitive bid projects for free, while also giving agencies a wide range of potential projects to choose from.

  • DISS

    DISS is Qatar’s leading institution in training and consulting in the field of Management and HSE Training programs. With 13 years of local Qatar experience, DISS has the largest network of regional and local certified trainers. We offer distinguished training services that constitute the entire cycle of training, with a very customized and industry tailored programs, in a comprehensive array of flexible learning solutions. DISS has established partnerships in different countries to offer a variety of courses to help boost the learning experience of the trainees and benefit from attending courses with students from different backgrounds and experiences and to ensure we supply our local clients in Qatar the latest training standards solutions.

  • ESIL

    ESIL (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénierie Logistique) is a Moroccan leading institution in training and consulting in the fields of Supply Chain and Purchasing Training programs.

    ESIL has experts with over twenty years of professional experience in Automotive, Aeronautic, Transport, Supply Chain, Purchasing and several other industrial sectors.

    An Executive Specialized Master degree in the Management of the Supply Chain and Purchasing is organized by ESIL in partnership with an engineering school in Casablanca.

    ESIL has established partnerships in different countries (UAE, France, UK, USA and Tunisia) to offer Certifications and high quality training for Moroccan and African students and professionals.

  • Excellence Training Centre, Qatar

    Excellence Training Centre is Qatar's largest and the most prestigious private training centre.

    We are the largest in terms of :

    1. Square meters of space covered by our three state of the art training centres at the heart of Doha.
    2. The number of active students.
    3. The number of public batches.
    4. The number of corporate clients in Qatar.

    We have a proven track record of over 10 years in Qatar. We are trusted by some the Qatar's most reputed companies to train their staff. We have worked with companies like Qatar Airways, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Gas, Qatar Development Bank and many more.

    We provide trainings in the areas of Procurement & Supply Chain, Accounting & Finance, Sales and Marketing, Business Management, HRM, IT, Teacher Training, Health & Safety and Soft Skills.

  • Famous Institute of Management

    Famous Institute of Management is one of the leading Multi-Consulting Company having its operating office in Qatar, providing Professional Management Training, ISO Certification Training & Consulting, and Safety Training.

    We are approved by “Ministry of Education and Higher Education “as a professional study center.

    We are specializing in customer driven Public and corporate training solutions. With this customer service approach, pre- course and post- course consulting and assessments are critical to effectively customizing our certification training courses to meet your training goals.

    Training programs are tailored from certification courses in a wide range of areas to deliver exact skills your staff need. 

    Our approach focuses on learning that empowers you to acquire knowledge, apply it, achieve results, and then interpret those results to identify new opportunities- again and again


    Excellence is an art won by training. We want to be the most imaginative and resourceful Training Company that provides excellent training and development which meets the needs of learners and companies, delivered by highly competent and qualified trainer.

    As experts in providing International standard management Training to suit the needs of all professionals in various domains.

  • High Level Training Institute

    High Level Training Institute Provide continuous competency upgrade, event management options, organization solutions and wide marketing platform with its top expert training consultants. Through executing a plethora of public, in-house, distance learning programs, event management and providing organizational solutions, We help both private and public enterprises respond quickly to industry trends and dynamism by providing up-to-date knowledge, practices and networking opportunities, conducted by world class expert trainers and practitioners. 

  • ICON Training Centre

    Icon Training Centre (ITC) is a globally recognized training provider commited to serve the organizational, theoretical, practical, technical, and developmental needs of various corporate platforms and progress- driven working individuals.

    Trusted by leading business companies in the Middle East,  ITC is also the preferred development ground of more than hundreds of highly motivated, key performing  professionals in different countries in the world.

    Our headquarter is situated at the heart of Doha, Qatar. The location strategically provides convenience to our business partners and esteemed clients to access quality theoretical and practical knowledge,  effective professional development, and positive experience in preparation for their desired progress and goals in their respective careers and business prospects.

    The institution also provides structured learning pathways enabling individuals who desires to upgrade their current educational attainment through various programs.

    This is made possible by the combined training methods of practical industry knowledge of integrated with general management skills.

    Icon Training Centre is affiliated with several international certification bodies making it a household name and  brand for training and education in the state of Qatar.

    Our vision is to remain as one of the best institutions delivering quality education and training in Qatar and other parts of the world. 

  • Industrial Quick Search Directory

    Created by Industrial Quick Search (IQS®), IQS Directory is a FREE, comprehensive listing of manufacturers and suppliers serving major segments of the OEM industrial manufacturing marketplace across the United States and Canada. Industrial engineers and buyers rely on IQS Directory to specify products within a series of categories and buy products directly from manufacturers

  • Industry Net

    Manufacturers' News has a site that gives members and the purchasing community the opportunity to make their buying job easier and more profitable. It used to be time consuming and laborious to locate suppliers and obtain bids. Not so anymore. Just go to the ikon. Then indicate the product you are interested in and where you want to look by state or for the entire U.S. You will then see the names and addresses of the suppliers that produce your needs. Register your name and your company's name and click in the appropriate place again and, automatically, you will notify suppliers that you want quotes. What could be easier? Make sure you enter through the APS Web. Its free and convenient.

  • Laurels Training Institute, LLC

    Laurels Training Institute L.L.C is established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2013 with a vision to make Learning, inspiring and career oriented. Its motto is to enrich careers of the students / participants with newest advanced knowledge in the desired subject or field, with an add value innovative approach. Laurels Institute is renowned for the best training and authentic certifications in the UAE, Middle East, and Africa & Asia. The secret of our success lies in making the students / participants to comprehend the concepts of the subject thoroughly and enable them to translate the knowledge in higher studies or work process to achieve an outstanding performance.Laurels Institute has emerged into a leading training provider for it's quality training by expert faculty,  exhaustive updated study materials and affiliations with some of the most prestigious and globally reputed certifying bodies for a wide variety of courses for Individuals, Corporations, Multinational Companies, Government Organizations & Educational Institutes.

  • Leaders Training Centre

    Leaders Training Centre, established in 2019, has swiftly earned a strong reputation as a distinguished institute of learning in Qatar. Our core expertise lies in crafting and delivering courses, training sessions, and workshops that cater to a diverse array of sectors and professions. At Leaders, our course offerings span a wide spectrum, encompassing fields such as Accountancy, Health & Safety, Management, and Language.

    We take pride in our commitment to effective teaching methodologies, implementing time-tested techniques to ensure that our students achieve meaningful and lasting learning outcomes.

    LTC has fostered fruitful collaborations with numerous prominent international and local organizations.

    Leaders Training Centre holds a prestigious list of international accreditations and affiliations. These include being a NEBOSH GOLD Partner for excellence in health and safety training and an ACCA Silver Partner for high-quality accountancy education, among others.


    MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK is a time-honored buyers guide to the products of over 120,000 verified industrial companies. First published in 1893 as America's original industrial directory, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK has grown to become a leading on-line sourcing tool, through both its own web site and through the networks of its Yellow Pages partners and web sites.

  • PeopleTicker

    Procurement professionals around the world rely on PeopleTicker to provide accurate, real-time labor rates to help them negotiate savings, increase retention, and decrease time to fill. If you purchase contingent labor, you need PeopleTicker.

    Strengthened by over 15 years of wage research – PeopleTicker’s data management and analytics are unmatched in the industry today. People Ticker empowers you to negotiate from a position of strength. Whether you use a VMS Solution, partner with an MSP, or buy directly from suppliers, our system’s “staffing neutral” rate benchmarking ensures you have current bill rate data for contractors, temp workers, and consultants.

    Press Release: PeopleTicker selected by American Purchasing Society to provde membership with best practice tools for procuring contingent labor.

  • Robert Menard, CPP, CGPP, CPPC

    Robert Menard is the Voice of the Customer and author of Youre the Buyer You Negotiate It. His business philosophy is embodied in the slogan: Sell for a dollar, earn a dime; save the same dollar, earn ten dimes. Buyers want his wisdom and sales audiences seek out his unique customers perspective. He helps clients make money by saving it through negotiation. Addressing convention and corporate meetings, and providing training and consulting services to clients in the US and abroad, Menard has delighted audiences in over 1,400 speeches in 47 states and 5 foreign countries. With his signature energetic and the engaging style of a motivational humorist, he has that rare ability to touch audiences on a personal level because he has lived and experienced their challenges. A career entrepreneur and executive, and an expert in business strategies, he delivers powerful and effective talks on Negotiation, Purchasing, Partnering, Sales, and Communication issues. His motivational speeches strike the personal chord, reminding each of us of our limitless potential. His entertainment speeches are without equal in educational and humorous value.

  • Satinalma Akademisi A.S.

    Satinalma Akademisi A.S. is a company located in Turkey, offering training and consultancy services on strategic management and strategic procurement.

    Our periodic trainings are conducted with participants from different companies, or independent personal participants. We also offer closed corporate trainings for foundations and companies.

    Our consultancy services are mailnly concentrated in but not limited  to procurement area.

    Satinalma Akademisi, on top of commercial activities, organizes events and international exhibition groups to contribute to understanding of strategic procurement.

     As of May 2015 Satinalma Akademisi A.S. is the prefered training partner of APS in Turkey .

  • Solution & Consultation Academy (SCA)

    Solution & Consultation Academy "SCA" is a training company located in Egypt. The SCA has long foreseen the crucial importance of Training as well as research and Development. As a result, the company has developed a vision of the utmost commitment to Training, research, development and implementation of results-oriented and sustainable strategic change initiatives that enable firms and organizations to achieve their goals and objectives.

    SCA adopt interactive, working-partner style, our experiences have been transmuted into research and development and sustained by training, which is regularly developed ever since. We focus on top management level concerns, helping businesses initiate change and harvest the benefits, whether it’s through improving overall operations or transforming the enterprise. Through collaboration and teamwork, our consultants impeccably integrate strategy and business technology to help you meet your business goals.

  • United Institute Training Intermediary

    Investment in the Human Capital is a top priority of Jordan & the Middle East overall vision in achieving overall economic development and boom. continuous education through professional high quality training will create this solid efficient human resource base for a powerful economy.

    As part of meeting the growing business market needs for continuous & professional education, we established our training center to offer the labor market with the needed professional assistance through our extended education programs- in cooperation with specialized international Institutes.

  • West Texas A&M University

    MBA in Procurement Management

    The purpose of the Engler College of Business MBA in Procurement Management is to prepare students for work in a sector of the Procurement Management profession. This unique program integrates the study of core business disciplines and Procurement Management with the advanced leadership and decision-making skills needed to excel in high-performing, global organizations. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad theoretical and applied background to effectively manage the development, procurement, contracting and channeling of material, services, and major systems. It provides a framework of the principles and tools needed to embed category-based procurement organization to control expenditure across the supply chain, tackling common challenges including cost, delays, quality, loss of control, and lack of cost visibility. 

    The website:

  • WingsWay Training Institute LLC

    WingsWay Training Institute LLC is a leading innovative skills provider for improving the way knowledge is imparted. Our training techniques and expert trainers extract hidden potential and transform students for global excellence through classroom training, practical exposure and instilling leadership qualities.

    Our affiliations with world-renowned and globally recognized certification bodies will create skilled & well-informed professionals who will accomplish global corporate requirements.

    We are committed to produce a reliable, professional and well-trained work force while being, accountable, ethical and responsible.  All this with a humane approach.

    Our Offices in UAE & India cater to the training requirements from across Gulf, Middle East, Africa & the Indian sub-continent.

    WingsWay is also an approved Training Center by Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) & Dubai Economy Department.