You receive an offer which will save about 2% annually in purchasing cost if you change from your present good supplier. Assuming everything else is equal, how likely would you change to the new supplier?

Not at all likely.
Slightly likely.
Moderately likely.
Very likely.


Lithium demand stirs supply, price concerns - 07/07/2016
Financial observers call it the “the world’s hottest commodity.” Goldman Sachs has reportedly dubbed it the “new gasoline,” according to a recent expose in The Economist. Most of us could end up calling it “gone” in our lifetimes.

Vertical integration 2.0: This time, it's strategic - 05/17/2016
For years, academia and the real world have long preached about the value of outsourcing, part science and art, for its ability to give purchasing organizations a competitive edge by allowing them to focus internally on core strengths, i.e., what they do best. It’s also well-documented that those organizations that best command and have unfettered visibility of their supply chain are among the most nimble and successful.

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Today's Tips

Check Your Department's Efficiency - 03/01/2017
It is easy to assume your operation is efficient if you are encountering few serious problems. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make life easier by improving the way you conduct business from day to day. In fact, being complacent could res...

Share Advertising Costs With Suppliers - 10/01/2016
Company advertisements frequently show consumer customers using their product. Notice also, companies where their advertisement show their product or service being used by one of their business customers. Such ads can improve the image and sales of b...

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Supplier Awards

Excellent Supplier Award 2012
The winners of the American Purchasing Societyís 2012 Excellent Supplier Awards are W. W. Grainger and Martin Brother, Inc.. Grainger is a seven billion dollar national distribution company of MRO products with 20,000 employees. Its corporate offices are in Lakeforest, Illinois. Martin Brothers, Inc. is a regional foodservice distributing company with its operation center in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Nearly all of the American Purchasing Society members who responded to the Society's survey indicated good pricing, and excellent quality and service from these suppliers.

Excellent Supplier Award 2009
The winners of the American Purchasing Societyís 2009 Excellent Supplier Awards are Source International, Inc. and CGI Automated Manufacturing, Inc.. CGI is a producer of sheet metal fabrication, prototyping, and assembly services. CGI was nominated for the award by Tricia Kerns, Material Manager for Focal Point, LLC. Source International acts as a buyer's agent in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Thailand. The company was nominated by Michael Bunge, CPP, CPPM, Corporate Supply Chain Manager for Libbey, Inc.

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