When do you think the economy will go into a recession?

Within the next twleve months.
In thirteen to twentyfour months.
In twentyfive to thirtysix months.
In over three years.
Never again.

Problems With Various Departments

Date: 03/18/2019

Author: H. E. Hough

In the American Purchasing Soiciety's recent survey, more buyers and purchasing managers indicated that they have the most problems with internal operating or production departments, followed by accounting and finance. Let us know how any of these departments affect what you do.

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Zdenka Mueller - Sep 25 2019 12:00 AM

Late material requisitions are a big problem, followed by accounting and finance processing invoices late. Credit hold is a huge problem, as just one day without needed parts puts production schedule back.

Amy Boyes-Higgins - Apr 10 2019 12:00 AM

I absolutely do have more problems internally with departments following protocol. I'm constantly chasing paperwork! I have to beg to find out if items were received. Makes it very hard to keep monthly financials accurate. Then, people placing orders without PO#'s on their own without me knowing and vendors wondering where their money is. Vicious cycle! We definitely need more accountability within the individual departments.