As a buyer for business, on the average of your top five suppliers, click on which one of the four choices below do you use to qualify those suppliers?

Evaluate supplier's financial statments and visit facilities.
Meet supplier's top executives and sales people in person.
Friendly with phone order clerk and read quality & on time delivery report.
None of the above.



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Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual



The Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual is an easy way to professionalize purchasing. Up to date policies and procedures are valuable tools to assure efficient business operations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in purchasing. Organizations neglect documentation because it is time consuming and tedious. With a need for business to meet regulations and ISO-9000 requirements, it is important to have well written manuals. It is now easier to obtain manuals and add to them as new subjects need to be covered. With the printed Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual comes a computer disk and USB drive containing a text file of each policy and procedure. Import the file into any word processor to revise any of the policies or procedure for your unique requirements.

Your Price: $295.00