As a buyer for business, on the average of your top five suppliers, click on which one of the four choices below do you use to qualify those suppliers?

Evaluate supplier's financial statments and visit facilities.
Meet supplier's top executives and sales people in person.
Friendly with phone order clerk and read quality & on time delivery report.
None of the above.



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The Resume Handbook

Arthur D. Rosenber, David Hizer


The Resume Handbook, Fourth Edition features thirty-two of the best resumes ever written and is filled with helpful resume writing tips and no nonsense advice. A resume is not an autobiographical profile; it is a marketing piece. This professional resume guide tells you what kind of information to include in a resume and what to leave out. The Resume Handbook also provides helpful resume writing tips and techniques to present chosen facts in a convincing and engaging manner. The purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview. The purpose of The Resume Handbook is to illustrate successful resume techniques to help win an interview. If you're interested in additional helpful resume writing tips, consider Course 20089 How to Plan Your Career and Prepare Your Resume, a popular resume building workshop offered exclusively from the Society.

Your Price: $9.95