How does your organization plan to change the size of your purchasing department this year?

Add buyers or other help.
Reduce the number of buyers or help.
Remain the same.
Replace buyers or other positions.



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Communication Skills and Personality Management 3CD set

Robert Menard


Learning how to improve business communication skills is important. Get real life tools to help with your personality management skills with answers to questions like these: Do you know when to use the ìIî and when to use the ìyouî statement? Is it better to use the ìopen endedî or ìclose endedî questioning technique? Why you should never agree or disagree with opening positions Why take no if the person cannot say yes? What is the meaning of verbal clues such as, ìTo be honest with youî? How do I manage the bully? In what way should I speak to the boss? How do I get the clam to open up? What are the main personality types that occur in the stress of negotiations?

Your Price: $55.00