If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you do when your employer increases annual salaries?

Just accept whatever amount given.
Thank the boss for whatever the amount.
Express dissatisfaction about the amount.
Explain what I have accomplished and ask for a higher amount.
Threaten to quit if I don't get more.
Say nothing but begin looking for a higher paying job.



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Managing Indirect Spend

Joe Payne, William R. Dorn, Jr.


Operating supplies account for important and significant expenses of running any organization. A new strategic sourcing book, Managing Indirect Spend by Joe Payne, William R. Dorn, Jr. and other contributors thoroughly addresses this subject. A few of the many covered topics in this strategic sourcing book are data collection and analysis, conducting research, negotiations, strategic sourcing, and supplier collaboration.

Chapters are devoted to the purchase of office supplies, telephone services, and the use of carriers for small packages.

This indirect sourcing book is highly recommended for both purchasing managers and MRO buyers for all types of organizations. Anyone interested in hearing todayís business jargon will be rewarded by the use of such words or phrases as indirect spend, strategic sourcing, scorecarding suppliers, continuous improvement, and leveraging supplier feedback.


Your Price: $95.00