If you are an authorized buyer for your employer, what is your official title?

Assistant Buyer
Buyer or Senior Buyer
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Manager or Procurement Manager
Director of Purchasing or Procurement
Supply Chain Manager
Vfice President
Other title or no title.



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The Newly Revised Purchasing Law Study Pack



Newly revised and added to. Now includes the critically acclaimed and popular self-running buyer course "Essential Law for Buyers and Sellers", which is one of the requirements for the CPP. Essential training for purchasing managers, buyers or anyone buying for business or looking to learn about purchasing risk management. The pack includes the knowledge that buyers must have to conduct satisfactory purchasing for their employers such as understanding purchasing risk management. It provides information to minimize the risk of legal problems resulting from purchasing. It provides training for purchasing managers about what they need to know to prevent routine difficulties that everyone experiences when buying for business. The printed package includes the most important section of the UCC, information about warranties, a book on consolidated patent laws, statutory provisions and guidelines of the Antitrust Division and a book of actual cases that illustrate typical problems and how they were resolved. An updated law dictionary is included to help the buyer understand contracts and forms from suppliers. Also, two new books have just been added to the pack. One is Incoterms for Americans. This book is a must for anyone who does foreign buying. The other book added is Trading In America; Incoterms for Domestic Use. The price for this new law pack will soon be $249 to members and $299 to nonmembers. For a short time it can be purchased for $199 to members and $259 to nonmembers.

Your Price: $259.00