As a buyer for your company, how much are you influenced by the amount of state or use tax on the products you buy?

Not at all.
Very little.
To some extent.
Somewhat, if there is any alternative.
A great deal.

Preparation for CPP Exam

Date(s): 09/11/2023 to 10/01/2023

Three-Week CPP Exam Prep Course with Instructor, Study Guide (PDF version), and Examination.
The object of this course is to prepare experienced buyers, purchasing agents, and purchasing managers for the Certified Purchasing Professional examination. Knowledge of the content of the course will contribute to success in taking the examination. This CPP exam prep course will cover the essentials of the purchasing process, and the organization and management of the purchasing function. Portions of the course will cover aspects of accounting and other business functions that purchasing professionals should know in order to receive the Certified Purchasing Professional certification.
This course also includes the CPP exam study guide (PDF version), examination, and the self-running courses Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers, Math for Purchasing and Business, Managing Inventory - Maintaining the Proper Level, and Essential Law for Buyers and Sellers. The certified purchasing professional examination is taken during the last weekend of the course.
The different parts of this CPP exam prep course are self-running and online. They can be taken at any time of the day and whenever is convenient to the student. An instructor is available for questions, directions and guidance.
Although there are additional requirements involved, the completion of this CCP exam prep course and successful passing of the examination meets the exam and online course requirements for certification. Certification must still be applied for separately and there are separate fees for the processing of the application. Please go to Certification/Applying for Certification to learn more about certification requirements.
The CPP instructor sends students an email with initial instructions for the certified purchasing professional certification course by the Monday date that the course is scheduled to begin. The CPP study guide (PDF) is emailed to students sometime during the week before the certified purchasing professional certification course begins.