If you are a buyer or purchasing manager for business, which of the following ways do you buy MRO items (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies)?

Buy only when immediately needed.
Buy expected amount needed for a month or two.
Buy amount depending on cost and price breaks.
Allow suppliers to estimate our needs and buy and store that amount.
Have supplier store amount for us that we use in a reasonable time.
Store amount by item category depending on cost and usage.

Preparation for CPPM Exam

Date(s): 11/27/2023 to 12/17/2023

This course is designed to prepare students and applicants to take the Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) examination. Similar to the CPP Exam Prep Course, this comprehensive CCPM certification course is also three weeks in length. The examination is taken during the last weekend of the CPPM Certification review course. This course covers topics that purchasing managers should be familiar with.