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Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers - Course 2010


This online business ethics course is free for new and renewing members. The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program has always stressed the importance of proper business conduct. Now, recent surveys have discovered that there is renewed interest in purchasing ethics training courses. College students are beginning to request that their attending school offer traditional and online business ethics courses. This self-running online business ethics course fills this need. Learn the meaning of purchasing ethics training and why it's so relevant to certified purchasing professionals when taking this business ethics course online. Learn how purchasing ethics training affects the way we do business. Know how to make ethical decisions. Understand the relationship between the law and ethics. Feel more comfortable making ethical decisions. Become familiar with the ethical issues that buyers, sellers, and certified purchasing professionals confront and how proper business ethics training plays a part. Know the APS Code of Ethics. Earn 2 CPP points with this course for buyers and sellers.
What students say about this business ethics online course:
"I have had numerous ethics courses over my years in business, and I found this course to be very thorough, and the examples were excellent exercises to follow and provide in-depth thought and analysis."
- Robert Hanson
- Tecnology Procurement and Billing Analyst
- American Public University System
"Great course. The situations used were very realistic and familiar. Found a lot of valuable information."
- Bill Wright
- Buyer
- H.A. Phillips & Company
"I enjoyed going through the scenerios in this course. I like how it's not just questions on the material but actually putting the knowledge into real life situations."
- Hillary Barlow
- Buyer, Global Procurement
- Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
"If I were to evaluate this course from 0-10, I would definitely rate it as a 10."
- Lindell Fabers
- Buyer
"I was told by a gentleman at APS that this was a fun course to take (Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers), he couldn't have been more on the mark. It was very interesting reading which actually had me wanting more...Great job and thanks for the very detailed instructions on how to get to the course online."

- Robert Roma
- Vice President Corporate Services and Strategic Sourcing Manager
- BlackRock
"I have completed this course (Business Ethics for Buyers and Sellers). I found it to be informative and that the scenerios were helpful in applying the information."

- Christine Spivey
- Purchasing Agent
- Information Transport Solutions, Inc.
The self-running online business ethics courses are attended via the Internet.  These procurement training courses require up to two or three continuous hours of attendance.  Students are initially contacted by email with instructions on how to take the course for which they have registered. Students may attend these purchasing ethics courses at any time during the day.  This makes the classes more convenient for students. All materials are included in the price of the course and will be available online while attending classes. These courses are nonrefundable. Instructions for these courses are usually sent within a few days of registration. Normally, the Society likes to see these types of courses completed within a month of having sent out the instructions. If too much time elapses without a course being completed the student may have to register for it again.

It is each student's responsibility to contact the Society if instructions are not received within the time frames listed above. Failure to do so may result in additional fees. Students can contact the Society at 630-859-0250 or at


Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $154.00