If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you do when your employer increases annual salaries?

Just accept whatever amount given.
Thank the boss for whatever the amount.
Express dissatisfaction about the amount.
Explain what I have accomplished and ask for a higher amount.
Threaten to quit if I don't get more.
Say nothing but begin looking for a higher paying job.

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Applied Cost and Price Analysis - Course 3700


This new online purchasing class, Applied Cost and Price Analysis, results from the demand of American Purchasing Society members and the purchasing community at large for an education and skills solution to one of the most vexing problems in the purchasing profession, how to manage, apply, and benefit from Cost and Price Analysis.  


Based upon your input, these are the three primary goals for this online purchasing class.

  1. Identify, define, describe, and differentiate the constituent elements of  both Cost and Price Analysis 
    • Provide step by step processes, lists, and actions that must be taken and/or avoided in selecting and managing suppliers and their performance
      • Furnish specific tools and templates that make the purchasing analysis decisions based on hard Dollars and Numbers criteria.  

Understanding how to do a price analysis in procurement training is important because skills in this field are amongst the most effective purchasing management tools. They reduce prices by eliminating unnecessary costs which leads to mutually beneficial results for supplier and customer.  


Some of the important cost and price analysis techniques you will learn from this online purchasing class are:

  • The eight most common Pricing Strategies revealed and explained
    • How prices are established
      • Dozens of tools, techniques, and modifiable, reusable templates
        • How to identify and apply Cost Drivers
          • How to apply Cost and Price analysis to basic Spend Analytics

           In addition, the online cost analysis course will demonstrate with tables and templates how to use Cost and Price Analysis for better results in

          • Supplier negotiation
          • Bid analysis
            • Supplier performance evaluation


            Some web site sources investigated and found to be useful for purposes are included as supplementary resources.  As with all of my online courses, practical advice is punctuated with personal experiential anecdotes experience, and scores of pointers on what to do, what not to do, what to expect, and what you need to understand about the Cost and Price Analysis.
            Watch a short video by Robert Menard on the Applied Cost and Price Analysis online course.
            What students say:
            I just completed the course 3700 Applied Cost and Price Analysis. It was a very informative class and it teaches you that prices are largely based upon costs, so we should always be focused on the larger and underlying issues.
            - Kayla Martinez
            - IT Purchasing Assistant
            - Gensler
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Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $154.00