If you are an authorized buyer for your employer, what is your official title?

Assistant Buyer
Buyer or Senior Buyer
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Manager or Procurement Manager
Director of Purchasing or Procurement
Supply Chain Manager
Vfice President
Other title or no title.

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Fundamentals of Business Buying and Purchasing Management - Course 1000


Don’t know much about business or buying for business? Then this is the business fundamentals course for you, a three-part online course that introduces you to accepted business practices that gives you the understanding to accept a position as a buyer or purchasing manager. This purchasing training class covers how to obtain the products and services needed by business, with on-time delivery, and that meet expected requirements at the lowest long-term cost. The purchasing training class will instruct you how to shop and where to shop. This business fundamentals course will also teach you essential business terms such as F.O.B., payment practices, the importance of clear specifications, necessary forms used by every well-run business, and you'll also negotiate the best deals in this purchasing training class. The business fundamentals course will cover what you must know about accounting, finance, inventory control, and the law. The functions of management are covered and the purchasing training class tells you how to buy internationally. Finally, the business fundamentals course will tell you how to solve the common purchasing problems most businesses face. This is a three-part purchasing training class and each part is self-running and takes one to two hours to complete. Email instructions will be sent to students once the registration is completed for this business fundamentals course.
What students say about this purchasing training class:
WOW! I must admit that you have done an exceptional job of explaining the importance and sufficiency of each department working closely with one another for the best optimal experience.

- Brenda Bynum
- Buyer
- Hampton University
"This was a great course and I learned a lot of what I will be doing or what I should be doing and what to look for."

- Leslie Lamping
- Quality Systems, Inc.
"This online course [Fundamentals of Business Buying and Purchasing Management] was great and provided me with important basic information that has increased the understanding of my job as Purchasing Manager for my company. It was easy to follow, and the supplemental material that is available to print was very helpful."

- Abby Bass Brown
- Purchasing Manager
- Critical Mission Support Services
"...the PDF files included in the lesson are and will be a great asset."

- Bill Wright
- Buyer
- H.A. Phillips & Company
"I have just completed the Fundamentals of Business Buying and Purchasing Management course and feel like I have a better understanding of terms, trends and some basic dos and dont's. The course is easy to follow..."

- Cydney Walker
- Purchasing Specialist
- Freudenberg IT LP

"I really enjoyed this course...This course will help you develop a better understanding of the organizational structures within the purchasing department. I actually feel more confident and will start practicing the lessons I have learned while taking this course and apply them as much as I can to my work life and personal life."

-Natasha Garcia


-San Ana Star Casino
The self-running online courses are attended via the Internet. They require up to two or three continuous hours of attendance. Students are initially contacted by email with instructions on how to take the course for which they have registered. Students may attend the course at any time during the day. This makes the business training classes more convenient for students. All materials are included in the price of the course and will be available online while attending classes. These courses are nonrefundable. Instructions for these courses are usually sent within a few days of registration. Normally, the Society likes to see these types of courses completed within a month of having sent out the instructions. If too much time elapses without a course being completed the student may have to register for it again.
It is each student's responsibility to contact the Society if instructions are not received within the time frames listed above. Failure to do so may result in additional fees. Students can contact the Society at 630-859-0250 or at

Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $154.00