If you are an authorized buyer for your employer, what is your official title?

Assistant Buyer
Buyer or Senior Buyer
Purchasing Agent
Purchasing Manager or Procurement Manager
Director of Purchasing or Procurement
Supply Chain Manager
Vfice President
Other title or no title.

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Special Offer! - How to Save $Thousands Buying a Car - Course CNSMR101


Many of us overpay when we buy a new or used car. Take this course to learn how to save money when buying a car. You will learn car purchasing tips and the best places to find information about the car you want. The course will tell you how to negotiate with the dealer and show you how to save money when buying a car whether it is new or used. You'll get car purchasing tips and learn how pricing methods may mislead you and how you can avoid being deceived. It will tell you about different ways to finance the car. It will give you information about leasing compared with buying. It will give you what you need to know about trading in your old vehicle. The course covers certified cars and service agreements. What you learn will help you now and in the future when you'll need to know how to save money when buying a car again.

Anyone who registers for this course will also receive "You're the Buyer - You Negotiate It" free. This is for a limited time only. This book is authored by Robert Menard, CPP, CPPC, and is an incisive, humorous, and universally applicable negotiation gem. This book weaves a seamless fabric of negotiation principles over a framework of proven procurement concepts. Ample real life examples illustrate, punctuate, and reinforce the book’s messages of success. Menard combines his experiences with a knack for simple and effective expression. This seminal work synthesizes the business experience and innate skill of a consummate professional with a clear, concise set of rules, principles and guidelines that allow a buyer on any level to immediately implement a change in tactics.

Watch a short video by Robert Menard on this course about how to save money when buying a car.

Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $29.99