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New! Effective Writing for Purchasing and Business


The ability to write intelligibly is a necessary skill for any purchasing professional. Buyers and purchasing managers need to be able to communicate concisely. This business writing online course will teach students how to write clearly and effectively. Students will learn how to communicate better and to write in a way that eliminates misunderstandings. The writing course for purchasers and procurement will cover ways to ensure clear and concise writing in plain language: how to structure effective SOW, PWS, IFB,Sources Sought, and other procurment documents. It provides an  understanding of how proposers "think", how to increase correlation between your SOW/PWS/SOO and proposals/responses, what makes a SOW/PWS/SOO effective, and the principles of simplification.

What students say:

"I just completed Effective Writing for Purchasing and Business and I found it extremely informative. I was amazed how much I was able to learn from this course; so much valuable information that I can use. This course should improve my Statements of Work and provide better responses. The course was linear and well laid out. Thank you for the offering."

Jeff Price, Procurement Department, NOVEC

The self-running online purchasing agent courses are attended via the Internet. They require up to two or three continuous hours of attendance. Students are initially contacted by email with instructions on how to take the course for which they have registered. Students may attend the online business writing course at any time during the day. This makes these professional business training seminars more convenient for students. All materials are included in the price of the course and will be available online while attending classes. These purchasing agent courses are nonrefundable. Instructions for these courses are usually sent within a few days of registration. Normally, the Society likes to see this type of training for procurement professionals completed within a month of having sent out the instructions. If too much time elapses without a procurement training seminar being completed the student may have to register for it again.

It is each student's responsibility to contact the Society if instructions are not received within the time frames listed above. Failure to do so may result in additional fees. Students can contact the Society at 630-859-0250 or at


Start Date: Open
End Date: Open
Your Price: $129.00