If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you think will most likely happen in 2023?

I will not get an increase in salary.
I will be laid off.
I will retire.
I will get a big raise.
I will get promoted.
There will be a long recession.

Dresser ROOTS Wins Excellent Supplier Award for 2004

Year: 2004

Dresser ROOTS wins the award for Excellent Supplier Award for 2004. The award was given based on the criteria mentioned above plus nominating letters from several different members. No negative comments were received from any member. Dresser ROOTS is a manufacturer of blowers and compressors. Here is in part what was said by one of the customers who nominated Dresser ROOTS. "ROOTS not only has a quality product, but they are never late on shipments. Their JIT program ...allows us to keep minimal inventories and [makes it] able [for us] to have product at our location within 2 days. ...From the inside sales staff down to the factory, ROOTS provides unparalleled support that I have ever experienced in my over 20 years of purchasing experience. They are a true role model that suppliers should emulate."