If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you think will most likely happen in 2023?

I will not get an increase in salary.
I will be laid off.
I will retire.
I will get a big raise.
I will get promoted.
There will be a long recession.

Nemcomed Wins Excellent Supplier Award for 2005

Year: 2005

Nemcomed, Inc. is the winner of the American Purchasing Society's Excellent Supplier Award for 2005. The award is based on the criteria mentioned above plus nominating letters from members. No negative comments were received from any member.

Nemcomed was founded in 1976. The firm develops and manufacturers precision medical devices, orthopedic hard goods, and orthopedic components.

Other finalists for the award in 2005 included Pacific Coast Chemicals Co., Gary Steel Division of Primary Steel, Inc., and Schaffner Enterprise.