If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you think will most likely happen in 2023?

I will not get an increase in salary.
I will be laid off.
I will retire.
I will get a big raise.
I will get promoted.
There will be a long recession.

Multiple Excellent Supplier Awards Given in 2007

Year: 2007

Congratulations to American Industrial Supply, Metal-Fab, Inc.; and Phillips Plastic Corporation who have received the American Purchasing Society's Excellent Supplier Awards for 2007. American Industrial Supply is located in Lompoc, California and sells plumbing supplies, motors, valves, gloves, electrical supplies, safety supplies, and other maintenance supplies. Metal-Fab is located in Wichita, Kansas and is a supplier of gas vents, solid fulel products, and various other products. Phillips Plastic Corporation is located in Menomonie, Wisconsin, and is a designier, developer, and manufacturer of injection molded packaging trays.