If you are a buyer or purchasing manager, what do you think will most likely happen in 2023?

I will not get an increase in salary.
I will be laid off.
I will retire.
I will get a big raise.
I will get promoted.
There will be a long recession.

Excellent Supplier Award for 2008

Year: 2008

The winner of the American Purchasing Societyís 2008 Excellent Supplier Award is Dr. Shrink, Inc. The company is a supplier of shrinkwrap and other packaging materials. The award is based on a record of meeting delivery schedules, producing desired quality, and providing outstanding service. Nomination for the award was received from Katrina Cranford, a buyer for Beneteau, USA. She states Dr. Shrink is a ìStupendous supplier, always on time, ...friendly staff - just all around pleasant to work with in every respect. Tremendously reliable.î